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Kokupa scissors are premium Japanese steel scissors. Available in the high polished finish Kokupa 88 or the lavender coated Kokupa Geisha, both are 8.5" straights with offset handles and finger adjustment knob.

Honeycomb® Longtime favorite of professional groomers, Aaronco Honeycombs are finally available again. Manufactured in England ensures outstanding quality. Available in seven sizes.

New to the AARONCO Tool Collection, these ergonomically designed strippers fit the hand better and stay more comfortable for longer than traditional stripping tools. Made from beautiful handcrafted hardwoods and blades forged from Japanese steel in sizes: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine, and Face.


Follow the curve with AARONCO's newest nail filer, the Pro-File. More than a traditional emory board style filer, the curved bed keeps dogs nails from slipping off the board. Your filing becomes quicker, cleaner, more efficient, and less stressful for the dog.


The newest AARONCO shears, the LadyFingerZ 88 and 7C are an exciting new addition to the variety of grooming tools we offer. Crafted from razor sharp Japanese stainless steel, and enamel coated in pink, LadyFingerZ scissors are the ultimate for the grooming professional who wants the latest in scissor technology and style. The LadyFingerZ 88 is an 8.5" straight and has a finger adjustment knob. The LadyFingerZ 7C is curved and has a safety tip. Scissors ship in a beautiful pink zippered scissor case.

Prima® 8.5

The Prima 8.5, is a low cost, high value tool specifically designed for the student/novice groomer, who tend to hold scissors incorrectly. The Prima is made with specially molded plastic handles, an offset short shank, fixed finger rest, and long blades. It is light weight, made of high quality stainless steel and is perfectly balanced. It automatically places the fingers where they need to be to scissor properly and with ease. Its ergonomic design aids in prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. The Prima is also the perfect scissor choice for seasoned groomers doing prep work.

Hairmostat® The Hairmostat® is designed to pull hair from the ears of dogs less painfully than by using a hemostat. The Hairmostat® has no clamps so it cannot accidently lock on the ear leather or a large clump of hair. It also has vinyl handles so it won't slip, offering a more secure grip, enabling the user to pull smaller amounts of hair at one time. It is made of stainless steel and is 5 1/2" long. The Hairmostat® is also excellent for removing ticks. Available in gold or silver.
Mini-'stat® The Mini-Stat® can do everything that its larger version, the Hairmostat® can do. Except that its lighter and smaller size makes it even easier to use on small dogs. The Mini-Stat® is gold plated stainless steel and measures 3 1/2" in length. It is also excellent for removing ticks from small animals.
Hemostat Traditional hemostat with locking clamp. Available in gold, silver or with purple handle.
VRake® Even though other rakes seem similar, the V Rake® is different. Designed to pick away at mats instead of painfully pulling at the dog's coat, the V Rake® will not destroy the coat.
Double-Ended Tooth Scaler  A double ended, stainless steel, professional dental scaler to remove tartar from dogs' teeth.





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V Rake®


700D Tooth Scaler
150 Prima® 8.5 Shears
180 LadyFingerZ® 8.5 Scissor
182 LadyFingerZ® 7C Shears

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