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Stripping & Carding Tools

New to the AARONCO Stripping Tool collection are the Magna Carder™ and Sumo Raker™

The Magna Carder™ used for carding and stripping, has short, sharp teeth, with a blade one half-inch longer and thicker than magnet style carders.

Magna Carder Carding Tool


The Sumo Raker™ teeth are pre-dulled for raking out large areas of topcoat and undercoat.


Sumo Raker

AARONCO Stripping tools are ergonomically designed strippers that
fit the hand better and stay more comfortable for longer than traditional
stripping tools. Made from beautiful handcrafted hardwoods and blades forged from Japanese steel in sizes: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine, and Face.

Set of Strippers in Optional Protective Travel Pouch
Complete Set of Stripping Knives in Optional Black Leather Stripper Case
Course Medium Fine Extra Fine
Stripping Tool - Coarse Stripping Tool - Medium Stripping Tool - Fine Stripping Tool - Extra Fine  
* Face Stripper not shown.



AARONCO tools are available from many groomer-friendly pet product distributors.

Contact your favorite distributor, or email us at for the name of a distributor near you.







718 Extra Fine
721 Face
722 Black Leather Stripper Case (holds all 5)
725 Sumo Raker™
726 Magna Carder™

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