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Returning to the AARONCO Tool Collection, these finely crafted combs
fit the hand better and stay more comfortable far longer than traditional
combs. Seven sizes are available.
Manufactured in England they
are the ultimate quality for the ultimate groomer!

Aaronco Honeycomb's were recently reviewed at the grooming equipment review site:


The Honeycomb Collection


Set of Strippers in Optional Protective Travel PouchIn retail product packaging


9" Honeycomb® "Detailer"
21 Fine/44 Coarse Teeth

AARONCO tools are available from many groomer-friendly pet product distributors.

Contact your favorite distributor, or email us at for the name of a distributor near you.


9" Honeycomb® 52 All Coarse Teeth


9" Honeycomb® 49 Medium/27 Coarse Teeth

808 9" Honeycomb® 106 All Medium Teeth

7.5" Honeycomb® "Ultra Greyhound" 43 Medium/22 Coarse Teeth

810 5" Honeycomb® "Show Ring" 58 All Medium Teeth
811 5" Honeycomb® "Pocket Pal" 33 Fine/17 Coarse Teeth

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